Project Care helps meet the immediate needs of a student who has encountered a crisis or setback. This program provides emergency resources so students can continue their education uninterrupted.

Resources may include food, transportation assistance, non-tuition financial assistance, and community referrals. Some resources are reserved for currently enrolled students.

Students may contact the Counseling & Career Development Center at 708-974-5722 or to learn more about the supports and resources provided through Project Care.

Resources Available to All

Community Resources

The Counseling & Career Development Center has prepared the list below for resources available in the community. These resources include contact information for those needing assistance with unemployment benefits, SNAP assistance, and community health resources.

Food Resources

The most current information on local food pantries.

Mental Health and Counseling Resources

Moraine Valley and our Counselors recognize this is a very challenging time for our students and community. The list of local mental health and counseling resources includes contact information. Please note that Moraine Valley Community College and the Counseling and Career Development Center does not endorse or recommend any specific resources on this list. The list is for informational use only.

Resources Available Only to Enrolled Students

Educational, Career, and Personal Counseling

The Counseling and Career Development Center provides holistic short-term counseling services to enrolled students. Our highly skilled counselors assist students with topics including maximizing academic success, exploring career and major options, and a range of personal counseling issues.

Food Pantry

Hunger and food insecurity are a growing problem on college campuses. Moraine Valley operates a food pantry for currently enrolled students.

Emergency Financial Assistance Grants

The college, in partnership with the Moraine Valley Community College Foundation, provides emergency financial assistance to students who are experiencing an unforeseen financial crisis that directly impacts their ability to stay enrolled and complete their education.

Qualifying emergencies are unforeseen events resulting in a financial emergency that jeopardizes a student’s ability to stay in enrolled at Moraine Valley. Examples include unemployment, medical emergency, and other situations affecting a student’s finances.

These grants are only available to currently enrolled students. Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, be enrolled in at least three credit hours during the semester seeking assistance, and provide documentation of financial need. Grants are not approved for Moraine Valley tuition, fees, and books/supplies. To learn more about how to complete an Emergency Assistance Grant application, please email counseling.