College can be difficult, especially when balancing school along with other responsibilities such as work and family. The staff at CCDC understands that our students have busy, fast-paced lives and sometimes need help navigating their challenges.

Why Seek Counseling?

Students see a counselor for any number of reasons, which can include short-term counseling services for personal issues, including relationship issues, conflicts with parents or peers, sexual assault/domestic violence, anxiety, depression, struggles with substance abuse or identity issues (sexual, cultural, etc.).

What Does It Cost? What Do I Get?

Short-term counseling services are available, at no cost, to currently enrolled students. Counseling sessions are up to 50 minutes in length. In many cases, a student and counselor will set short-term goals to be achieved within 8-10 sessions. Termination of counseling is based on progress to achieve the initial goals or if it is in the best interest of the student to be referred off-campus for continued treatment. Personal counseling services are offered during the fall and spring semesters during the center’s hours of operation.

Counselors respect the privacy of individuals as well as confidentiality with a few exceptions to comply with the law. Under normal circumstances, counselors cannot release any information outside of the Counseling Center unless the student signs a Release of Information Consent Form.


Students also may visit the college’s ULifeline, an online mental health resource for students, to seek information for themselves or friends, or get immediate help.

24/7 suicide helplines are available by calling 800-273-8255 or 988 or texting 741741.

Take an Online Screening

Moraine Valley Community College supports the whole student, and that includes your emotional well-being. Take a short screening today. These short screenings allow students to get a quick view of how you, or a loved one, are doing. The results of the screening include resources and information about whether you should follow up with a mental health professional. The online screening tool is completely anonymous and free. For Moraine Valley students, we recommend you email or print a copy of the screening results for further discussion with a Moraine Valley Counselor. These options are provided at the end of the screening.