HDV-100: Healthy Relationships & Connections (2 credit hours)
Students will be introduced to different theories regarding types of relationships, communications styles and methods to build and maintain meaningful social connections in the context of a healthy relationship.

HDV-111: Career Planning (2 credit hours)
Are you undecided about your career or major and are a currently enrolled Moraine Valley Community College student? This course examines theories and principles of career planning. Explores types of careers and jobs. Learn how to form an effective decision-making strategy in choosing a career and how to be successful in a career.

For community members who are not enrolled in the college:

Career Assessment Seminar: CL3–851 (Noncredit)
Begin to access, research and discuss your potential career. You’ll complete brief assessments to identify your interests and abilities, and review occupational websites as you explore possible jobs and find your career direction.