Effectuation and Aims

The State of Illinois’s Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act of 2016 aimed to improve the readiness and transition of high school students into higher education, careers and workforce training. The goal is for students to prepare effectively while in high school via a transitional English course. The transitional English offering is a year-long course aimed to meet the State of Illinois and high school graduation requirements.

Links and Resources

The following are links and resources that are aimed at understanding the Transitional English and enhancing future development of the initiative:

  • Melvin Harrison, Director for Academic Affairs at Illinois Community College Board, covered Transitional English course implementation and how the courses can build bridges for student access. Then, Anji Garza, Director of Professional Learning & Educational Services at ROE #47, shared resources and insights on developing or enhancing Transitional English (PDF of slideshow):