Madison Winson decided to start college right after high school graduation. It wasn’t too much later, her mom, Tanya Winson, decided to return to school full-time, too. Their next decision was made together.

“We both needed a COM class, so we’re taking it with each other,” Tanya said. “It’s pretty nice. We help each other with homework, and we proofread each other’s work.”

Another decision they made together was to enroll at Moraine Valley’s Southwest Education Center. “It’s really convenient because it’s close to home. And, I like smaller classes,” Madison said. “There’s more one-on-one with the teacher and for me, that’s better.”

As a returning adult student, Tanya needed to be comfortable with her decision.

“It can be embarrassing walking into a class knowing you’re the oldest person in there. But I felt good in class. Sometimes I think I bring out the other students because I’ll be the first to answer a question or start talking, and then the others start.”

Both are happy to have someone very close by when they need a little extra help with an assignment, but they’re not always going to be in class together.

Tanya will apply for acceptance into Moraine Valley’s Nursing Program with aspirations of working in a hospital emergency room. Madison is studying criminal justice and plans to transfer for a four-year degree to work in law enforcement.