“Taking classes in the summer let me lighten my load each fall and spring at ISU,” says Spencer T., a full-time student at Illinois State University who has taken summer classes at Moraine Valley for the past three summers.

“I could focus more on each of my classes that way since I was taking fewer each semester.”

He thinks this can help some students keep their GPA high as well as allow them to save money.

“As a double major, I would not be able to finish in four years without taking summer classes. If I’d had to go an extra year at ISU, that would cost me thousands of dollars more. And the tuition here is lower than at four-year schools, so it helps any student from a four-year school save money.”

He says Moraine Valley is a “super nice campus” and the vibe he got here from all of his instructors is they are willing to meet with any students who need extra help. He is also a big fan of the FitRec, which he says he could work out in for free because he took at least six credits in the summer.

Spencer took Spanish here the summer after he graduated from high school, and has since taken two computer classes, managerial accounting and a literature course. He says earning a full semester of college credits in a short-term summer class is also great because it leaves plenty of time for fun.

“Last summer, I took two classes at Moraine Valley and worked two jobs and still had a lot of time to do stuff with my friends.”