“Nature is a beautiful thing,” says Sara Hussein. “Having the Shakespeare Garden where students can go if we’re having a rough day can brighten up our mood. Just seeing those colors and being in nature—it can make us feel better.”

She says she was excited when her biology professor said they were headed there to complete a lab.

“I liked that I was able to see the actual plants—not just a photo. It gave me more information and an experience. I was very appreciative of that because I know a lot of campuses don’t have what we do.”

Sara was surprised she could have such an experience right outside the science building.

“I didn’t realize all the different types of plants that are in there.”

This diversity of plants made the plant classification project more interesting. Sara also believes the diversity of students on campus makes her college experience more interesting.

“I’ve never been someplace that’s so open and diverse until I came to Moraine Valley. And it’s not only that we’re diverse. It’s that we accept each other. Even though we’re all from different backgrounds and different ethnicities, we all want the same things like an education. I honestly think that’s the best thing about Moraine Valley,” she says.