Luis Martinez and his younger brother, Ruben, are proving true the adage that great minds think
alike. The Blue Island brothers chose to pursue career training at Moraine Valley Community College.
Luis, who graduated in May from the Sleep Technology Program, was offered a position prior to
graduation. Ruben, enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Program, anticipates graduating in the fall.

While Luis may not be his brother’s keeper, he does take some responsibility for Ruben’s final choice. “He was indecisive when he graduated from high school about where he was going to go and exactly what he was going to do. I encouraged him to go to Moraine Valley, and I was happy he did,” Luis said. Ruben, inspired by Luis’ success, knew his brother would not steer him wrong.

They have not been in the same classes but provided each other assistance as needed. “In the beginning, when Luis was learning how to attach the wires and sensors to people’s heads
for a sleep study, he would use me for practice,” Ruben said. “Then when I wanted to work on a certain massage, I would use him. We were basically each other’s go-to people.”

It’s more than just sibling support guiding their success. “Our parents are very supportive,” Luis said. “When things sometimes seem tough, they tell us not to give up and to keep pushing. Our dad always would tell us about the visions he had about our successes. We keep those images in our head.”

Luis said their parents are thrilled with the paths their sons are taking. “They are very excited and proud because we are the first ones in our (immediate) family to complete college and have a career.”

There is one more Martinez sibling who just may end up at Moraine Valley in the future. “He’s in middle school and, of course, doesn’t know what he wants to do, although right now he says he wants to be a YouTube streamer,” Luis said with a laugh. “We’ll just keep helping him with his homework and give him some good tips.”