Mohammad Suleiman had passed by the Shakespeare Garden on his way to his science classes in Building C many times but never went in until his Biology II class conducted a lab on plant classification there.

“I really enjoyed it,” he says. “We had so many types of plants and flowers to look at. It was more realistic to see them in nature instead of in a beaker or a tray in a laboratory.”

This future pharmacist has always wanted to do something in the medical field because he wants to help people. He plans on going straight from Moraine Valley into a pharmacy program, and he knows he’ll be ready for his next step.

“Some of the classes here are very challenging, which prepares you for the future,” Mohammad says. He appreciates the small class sizes rather than having to take them in a large lecture hall with a 100 students. “I have a friend who’s in a biology class like that at a university. I like that here I’m in a class of 30, so everyone’s questions get answered, and you can get one-on-one time with your instructor after class.”