Milica Jovisic didn’t plan to continue her education in the United States but she’s happy she is, and credits Moraine Valley’s Office of International Student Affairs as one of the reasons she is getting acclimated to her new surroundings.

“I did some research and found Moraine Valley to be familiar with students from all over the world because it has an international student program. That’s what made me choose this college,” says Milica.

“I adapted quickly because there are a lot of international students at Moraine Valley. We share the same story—separated from our home country, our friends and everything we are used to,” said Milica, who is from Serbia. She is a student worker and part of the international student ambassadors group. “I’m trying to spend more time on campus so I can improve my language skills and to meet new people and make friends.”

Milica’s family thinks she has changed since coming to the U.S. and she thinks so, too. “They said I am more comfortable and have more confidence in myself. I think that’s because I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and improved my language skills.”

It’s paramount for Milica to finish what she started, so she plans to graduate from Moraine Valley, transfer to the University of Minnesota to earn a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and eventually enroll in medical school. “Graduating is important, especially as an international student. If I can get that degree, it will remind me that I achieved something,” she said.

Why was Moraine Valley Milica’s best choice? “I’ve made great friends. I have more skills that I didn’t have before, and I am having fun!”