Mallory Obendorf is extremely dedicated to finishing her education and securing a position in healthcare.  So dedicated, in fact, that when her daughter was born, she returned to class just three days later.

“I had two tests, and I didn’t want to miss the review. These tests were too important,” she said. Her husband cared for the baby so she could attend the class. “My teachers were so surprised to see me back already, but it was something I had to do. I’m a very determined and dedicated person. I’ve always been like this.”

With her sights set on becoming a neo-natal nurse, Mallory is focused on completing her nursing degree as soon as possible. “I wanted a more fulfilling career,” she said. “It is important I do something that makes a difference in people’s lives. My mom was a neo-natal nurse, too.”

Mallory credited her teachers at Moraine Valley with providing the resources she needed so she didn’t have to miss a beat in her studies.

“My nursing teachers were so supportive and accommodating during my pregnancy. Shout out to Kelli Nickols, Heather Casiello, Megan Morales and Maryan Jatczak. The program is demanding, and there were instances they were able to make some changes that were a big help,” she said.

Overall, Mallory is very happy she is at Moraine Valley.

“I never knew I could earn this degree in two years and get a job I’m going to love. That’s very cool.”