Kendall Johnson sat in front of the Student Life staff in what was only the second job interview he had ever been on and he thought he did well. But when he received the call, telling him he did not get the job it was not the ending he had hoped.

But then he got a second call.

“They called all the people who did not get the job first, so they called me and told me I didn’t get the job. A couple hours later, Demetrius called me to tell me I got the job. The story was that they called the guy who got the job and he already had another job. They realized they messed up, so they called me back.

“The experience here has been amazing. I’ve never really been a people person and if you saw me the first day, I was quiet. A few months later, I’m on stage talking on the mic. It has really brought out my creative side,” said Kendall.