Hadiza Stanley’s heart and the culture in her homeland influenced her choice to become a nurse, while convenience and affordability played the biggest roles in her choice to attend Moraine Valley.

“Generally, in Nigeria you take care of your parents,” Hadiza said. “It’s our culture, and it’s always been in me to take care of others. That’s my nature. I have known for a long time I would someday become a nurse.”

Hadiza, who moved to the United States in 2000, is a single mom of two teenagers, works full-time as a nursing assistant, takes classes at the Southwest Education Center and spends as much time with her children as she can.  She admits it’s not easy, but she knows in the long run, completing her education will be a huge benefit for her and for her children.

She attended Moraine Valley several years ago, but extenuating circumstances made it difficult for her to continue with her studies. “Coming back to school was the right decision, and the Tinley Park campus is so convenient because I live close by. I work the night shift, come home and then take a morning class, and can still be home when my children get home from school,” she said.

Hadiza resolves to finish her general courses at Moraine Valley and apply for admission into the Nursing Program. “With determination, and in my case, help from lots of people, there’s nothing you can’t do.”