“It’s gorgeous when everything’s blooming,” says Gabrielle (Gabby) Lindberg of the Shakespeare Garden. “My friends and I go there between classes. It’ a good place to study and decompress.”

Gabby’s love for Shakespeare goes back to when her dad read to her from the Bard’s works as a child, so she was thrilled to discover the garden features signs with selections from various plays and sonnets.

She also enjoyed having one of her recent biology labs in this unique setting.

“You can only learn so much from a book,” she says. “Looking at real plants made it easier to actually group them correctly.”

Studying things up close will continue to be a part of Gabby’s education as she hopes to eventually earn a master’s degree in genetics and study the DNA strand for the root cause of certain genetic disorders to help people who suffer from those issues.

Gabby’s glad she started at Moraine Valley because she’s paying for her own education and “you get the same knowledge you would at a four-year school at a much lower cost. And there are so many places to get help like the Tutoring Center and Academic Advising Center. Moraine Valley offers something for everyone!”