The last time Deborah Trigg had been in a classroom was in 1992. But when an injury caused her to be separated from her long-time employer, Deborah knew she needed to get back into the classroom if she wanted to get back into the workforce.

A single parent of two sons, Deborah was living in Blue Island and watched as Moraine Valley built out its extension center there.

“After losing my job, I decided Moraine Valley was where I needed to go,” she said. She took classes at the Education Center at Blue Island and additional courses at the main campus in Palos Hills. She hopes soon to finish the administrative assistant certificate and degree and forge ahead into a new career.

“Moraine Valley was absolutely the right choice for me. Statistically it stacked up. It is the best, and I just wasn’t going to be part of mediocre,” Deborah said. “The instructors—all the people I’ve met are amazing. I was so nervous I wouldn’t fit in because of my age. But you know what? I’ve been inspired by so many people, so many strong, educated and confident women. I want to be just like them,” she said.

Deborah trusts the challenging days are behind her, and she thanks the staff at both campuses for helping her move forward. “I look at my life like it’s a tapestry, and all the people at Moraine Valley are the weavers. Without them, there is no tapestry.”

Among those at Moraine Valley Deborah acknowledged for their support are Cathi Predl, Information Management Systems instructor; Chet Shaw, dean of Student Services; Amanda Mesirow, Code of Conduct coordinator; Souzan Naser, counselor, Counseling; Eduardo Lopez, Student Development specialist at Blue Island Education Center; Suha Mohammed, Communications instructor; and Rose Rich, Office Systems and Applications instructor.