Darryl Mitchell will never forget the lasting impression two Moraine Valley teachers have made on him.

“Math and English were two of my worst subjects and the reasons I hated school,” Darryl said. “Now these two classes are the reasons I look forward to coming to school.”

Shelita Shaw, assistant professor of Communications, and Jason King, associate professor of Mathematics, changed his whole outlook on education, particularly in those two subject matters.

“Shelita is just amazing. And Jason understands how to teach people  to read the language of math as opposed to the standard method of just memorizing concepts.”

He plans to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and pursue a career in actuary science, where he can put his skills to work for an insurance company.

“The stronger the foundation, the better you do,” Darryl said. “With the foundation I’m getting at Moraine Valley, I won’t have a problem going all the way to the top.”