When Curtis Griffin’s family gets together, there’s always an abundance of energy. And at the center of attention is usually where you will find Curtis, who’s highly applauded for his Michael Jackson moves. “Yes, our family parties are a lot of fun,” Curtis said. “My family is very, very sociable so I can thank my parents for my outgoing characteristics. We’ve always got music going, and we host mini talent shows with my siblings and cousins.”

Curtis, captain of the Forensics team, dreams of becoming an actor. “As a kid, I always loved watching movies,” he said. “One time my mom put on a cartoon that I think I remember was ‘Pokemon,’ and I tried imitating one of the characters. Ever since then I just fell in love with acting and impersonating other people.” Right now, he says, his two favorites to imitate are Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio.

While he’s had no professional training to date, Curtis’s future plans will include acting classes and a degree from either Bradley University or DePaul University. “Both have solid performing arts programs. I’m leaning toward Bradley because they have a speech team, and I want to stay involved with speech my last two years of school,” he said.

A stand-out performer with the Forensics team, Curtis dedicates many hours to honing that craft as well as to his schoolwork and part-time job, which doesn’t leave too much free time. “I’m really quite busy, but when I’ve had time, I would help out at PADS (provider of emergency shelter services, and transitional and permanent housing), and I’ve helped out at other shelters where my family and I have donated food and clothing,” he said.