Charlie Williams is grateful for the help he’s received, and in turn, aspires to help others.

“It was a struggle to get to school. Because of my impairment, it was difficult to catch a bus,” Charlie said. Charlie is blind and found it challenging to rely on public transportation. He successfully applied for a grant through the Foundation’s emergency assistance program and now uses the funds to pay for PACE transportation that picks him up at his home, brings him to campus and back home again. The money also helps him pay for school supplies.

“I am so very truly grateful,” he said. “ This helps me get to school, and I don’t like missing school.”

Charlie is in the Addictions Studies Program and hopes to work in a treatment facility to help those with addiction issues.

“I’m a mentor now, and I talk to a lot of young people who are addicted to drugs. It’s heartbreaking, and I want to be able to guide them in the right direction.”