Lifelong learner returns to the classroom

CeCe Coulom is a true lifelong learner. She continually took classes to hone her work skills to make her more eligible for job advancement.  She also took a number of online classes, and now that she’s retired, she’s come back to the classroom.

“After I retired I said I would go back to school to learn something I didn’t know, something I was interested in. I took culinary classes. I  always knew how to cook but not how to bake. Now I work part-time making bread at a bakery,” she said.

She also enrolled in history and geography classes as well as a math class to brush up on geometry, statistics and probability, and consumer  math skills. “It’s been 35 years since I took a math placement test so I studied three weeks for that test. This math class is so awesome, and I  have the teacher to thank for that. She explains everything so well. I think that’s because she used to be an elementary teacher so she knows  how to talk in terms that people who don’t know math can understand,” she said.

Coulom says she’ll continue to take classes. “I just want to learn,” she said.