“I like numbers and loved accounting in high school,” says Andrea Godinez. “So when I had to make a career change, I asked myself ‘What am I good at?’”

Andrea was a pastry chef but a back injury forced her to change directions and she chose to study accounting at Moraine Valley.

“I love it here! The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Andrea took her required speech class (COM-103) class last summer.

“I was terrified of speech, and didn’t want that anxiety for a whole semester, so I took the shorter summer class.” She liked picking the subjects she would cover in her speeches. “I talked about the Chicago’s World’s Fair and the Electoral College. That was huge for me to choose my own topics,” she says.

Andrea did so well in the class, her instructor recommended her for a peer consultant position in the Speaking and Writing Center, where she offers feedback to students and community members seeking assistance with papers and speeches.

“I’ll ask them, ‘What are you concerns?’ and we focus on that. If I’m helping someone with a speech, I want them to sound confident, so we work on inflection and eliminating vocal pauses.”

Andrea, who also is an officer in the Business Club, tells her fellow business students to come to the center. “I tell them we love numbers but we still need to know how to communicate.”