• Lauren H.

    As the student trustee for the 2020-21 school year, Lauren Hassen is looking forward to working with the Board of Trustees on behalf of the student body. “I feel like I have a voice, not only for myself but for all of the students, which is a privilege in itself,” she said. One of her […]

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  • Arturo M.

    Arturo Mazari s among 50 students from across the country named a 2020 Coca-Cola Academic Team Silver Scholar, a selection based on academic achievement, leadership, and engagement in college and service in the community.

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  • Rachel I.

    Rachel Irons says her Introduction to Marine Biology class was an experience of a lifetime. She and her classmates traveled to Belize during the winter session to study marine ecosystems and oceanography. She was excited to learn more about the Belizean culture, visit the jungle, and get up close and personal with myriad sea creatures — including the Blue Tang, famously known as Dory in Disney’s “Finding Nemo” movie.

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  • Tanya and Madison W.

    Madison Winson decided to start college right after high school graduation. It wasn’t too much later, her mom, Tanya Winson, decided to return to school full-time, too. Their next decision was made together.

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  • Magdalena S.

    Magdalena Sarna’s fascination with airplanes and how they are able to stay in the sky has inspired her to study engineering. “I have always had a love for planes because I traveled every two years to visit my family in another country,” she said. “I sat at the window seat of the plane near the […]

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  • Jana’ S.

    Jana’ Sullivan’s got some pretty big plans for her life. Not only is she trying to reach for the stars—she’s looking to be one.

    On top of her aspirations to become an actress and a producer, she plans to receive her master’s degree in industrial psychology and start her own clinic to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and substance abuse. She also wants to merge her psychology skills to help celebrities who are dealing with mental health issues.

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