Stories tagged with "Transfer Student"

  • Jenna S.

    Jenna Staszewski is one of four recipients of the Outstanding Community College Students awards presented by the Illinois Geographical Society.

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  • Mick G.

    Mick Giera wasn’t sure what to expect when he got to Moraine Valley, but now that he’s getting close to finishing, he’s sure of several things—he’s made some solid friends, had some great professors and all of his classes are transferring.

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  • Jake K.

    When Jake Koepke was away at a state university, he realized after just one semester he wasn’t where he wanted to be.

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  • Helena J.

    Helena Janinah has been granted a Presidential Scholarship to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

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  • Darryl M.

    Darryl Mitchell will never forget the lasting impression two Moraine Valley teachers have made on him. “Math and English were two of my worst subjects and the reasons I hated school,” Darryl said. “Now these two classes are the reasons I look forward to coming to school.”

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  • Brenda E.

    Music and engineering brought Brenda Escobeda to Moraine Valley. “I was involved in the college’s community band during my senior year of high school and I really liked it,” she says. Some of her fellow band members suggested she consider Moraine Valley, so she started looking into all the programs available. “Once I found the Engineering Pathways Program, it just kind of clicked.”

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