• Jana’ Sullivan

    Jana’ Sullivan’s got some pretty big plans for her life. Not only is she trying to reach for the stars—she’s looking to be one.

    On top of her aspirations to become an actress and a producer, she plans to receive her master’s degree in industrial psychology and start her own clinic to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and substance abuse. She also wants to merge her psychology skills to help celebrities who are dealing with mental health issues.

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  • Jenna Staszewski

    Jenna Staszewski is one of four recipients of the Outstanding Community College Students awards presented by the Illinois Geographical Society.

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  • Ameen Alatabbe and Jakub Malinowski

    As members of the 3-D Applications and Design Club, Ameen Alatabbe and Jakub Malinowski have set their sights on using the college’s 3-D printer to create prosthetics for people who have lost a hand.

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