Stories tagged with "Amos Alonzo Stagg"

  • Jenna S.

    Jenna Staszewski is one of four recipients of the Outstanding Community College Students awards presented by the Illinois Geographical Society.

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  • Ameen A and Jakub M

    As members of the 3-D Applications and Design Club, Ameen Alatabbe and Jakub Malinowski have set their sights on using the college’s 3-D printer to create prosthetics for people who have lost a hand.

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  • Mick G.

    Mick Giera wasn’t sure what to expect when he got to Moraine Valley, but now that he’s getting close to finishing, he’s sure of several things—he’s made some solid friends, had some great professors and all of his classes are transferring.

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  • Helena J.

    Helena Janinah has been granted a Presidential Scholarship to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

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  • Nick N.

    “I thought it would be a good way to get some gen eds out of the way,” says Nick Nunez of his decision to take summer classes at Moraine Valley. As a biology major at Indiana University Bloomington with plans to go on to medical school, getting ahead on classes and saving money was important to him.

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  • John K.

    Now that John Kladis has taken the reigns as president of Phi Theta Kappa for the state of Illinois, the first to serve in this capacity, he has a few goals he’s eyeing for his tenure—the main one being to help spur the organization’s growth.

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