• Jamie Novick

    Jamie Novick is a determined woman. Whether it be in school, work or her personal life, she hasn’t let setbacks keep her down. And she’s had her share. Jamie is in her third year pursuing a nursing degree. For years, she worked in the retail industry, holding management positions. Although she was good at her […]

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  • Mallory Obendorf

    Mallory Obendorf is extremely dedicated to finishing her education and securing a position in healthcare.  So dedicated, in fact, that when her daughter was born, she returned to class just three days later. “I had two tests, and I didn’t want to miss the review. These tests were too important,” she said. Her husband cared […]

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  • Jeff Micetic

    Jeff Micetic likes gaining knowledge that will make him more employable in new Automation and Engineering Technology A.A.S. degree program.

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  • Tanya and Madison Winson

    Madison Winson decided to start college right after high school graduation. It wasn’t too much later, her mom, Tanya Winson, decided to return to school full-time, too. Their next decision was made together.

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  • Jana’ Sullivan

    Jana’ Sullivan’s got some pretty big plans for her life. Not only is she trying to reach for the stars—she’s looking to be one.

    On top of her aspirations to become an actress and a producer, she plans to receive her master’s degree in industrial psychology and start her own clinic to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and substance abuse. She also wants to merge her psychology skills to help celebrities who are dealing with mental health issues.

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  • Charlie Williams

    Charlie Williams is grateful for the help he’s received and in turn aspires, to help others.

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