2017 Moraine Valley Inaugural STEM Expo

The inaugural STEM Expo took place on May 5, 2017. Six hundred-fifty students and their educators took part in engaging and educational STEM activities across campus. A total of 34 sessions were led by Moraine Valley faculty and representatives from Argonne, Fermi and the Flying M Academy.

Session Topics from the 2017 STEM Expo included:

Charge! Electricity and Magnetism
Bungee Barbie and Kamikaze Ken
Nature Study Area Scavenger Hunt
Engineering Design and Build
Building a Better Battery
Light and Color
Wind Turbine Competition
Create a Meme
Car Build and Race
LEGO Robotics
Biological Explorations
Physics Wonderland

Increasing Self Efficacy
Minecraft HTML
Explore Earth Science
Dive into Marine Biology
Drone Flying
Small Business Profitability
Build a Winogradsky Column
Brain Games
Encryption/Cyber Security
LEGO Stop Motion Moviemaking
Interactions with Animals
Tour of the Human Body
Particle Accelerators
Build-A-Code Workshop