STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a national, regional and local initiative emphasizing the need to increase global competitiveness in these areas. As a result, workplace opportunities are growing for students seeking occupations in the STEM fields.

STEM Opportunities at Moraine Valley

The Engineering Pathways program offered at Moraine Valley is a smart and cost-effective way to guarantee transfer admission into the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This competitive program is designed for high school seniors who plan to enroll as first-time college students at Moraine Valley for the fall semester following graduation. Students who are female, low income, first generation, and/or from underrepresented ethnic groups are encouraged to apply.

The Greer Scholars Program at Moraine Valley aims to close the racial equity gap in STEM professions by financially and academically supporting students from racial and ethnic groups currently underrepresented in STEM and who demonstrate financial need.

Financial assistance of up to $3,000 a year and one-on-one advising and mentoring are designed to help students succeed. Greer Scholars are part of a cohort of STEM peers engaging in diverse academic and social opportunities.

Get more information about the program and eligibility. For questions, contact Elizabeth Barrera by email or phone (708) 974-5618.

The Skyway STEM Competition is a poster contest for Illinois college students designed to encourage participation in STEM-related disciplines. Students pose a question and use inquiry-based methods from their respective fields to investigate their topic. Students have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member to identify a research topic of interest and submit it for consideration. The deadline for topic submission is prior to the end of the fall semester. Up to ten student topics are selected and students are supported in their research and poster creation through the spring semester. The top posters compete at the regional competition. Students interested in participating should contact Dean Ryen Nagle at

View the submissions for the 2021 poster competition online.

There are various student clubs available to Moraine Valley students interested in learning about and engaging in STEM. Student clubs are a great way to explore areas of STEM you love and those that you may not yet be familiar with, all while getting to know your peers and having fun. Some of our STEM-related clubs include: STEM Club, Robotics Club, Math Club, Psychology Club, Student Nursing Organization and the Forensics Organization. View our STEM Events calendar to learn when the clubs meet. To learn more about all the student clubs and organizations offered visit our Student Life page.

To join Moraine's student STEM Club, contact faculty advisor, Paula DeAnda-Shah via email.

Moraine Valley supports women considering careers in technology through its Women in Technology Mentoring Program. The program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The mentoring group allows students entering programs in technology to connect with experienced female students and professionals. These mentors can provide guidance, answer questions and share information about career opportunities. The unique relationship between students and professionals makes the transition from college into the work world smoother and less intimidating.

If you are a technology student looking for a mentor or you are a STEM professional interested in serving as a mentor, contact Angela Spyropoulos at (708) 974-5602 ext. 2184.

Moraine Valley Explorers classes offer engaging hands-on courses whether your child is looking to explore their creative side or refresh their academic skillset. Led by our team of dedicated teaching faculty Moraine Valley will help children and teens discover, imagine and create.

The Moraine Valley Foundation awards scholarships each year to students. By completing a single scholarship application, students are automatically considered for more than 200 scholarships.

There are a variety of scholarships and different criteria for scholarships, including some scholarships specifically for students working toward STEM degrees and certificates. Scholarship amounts range from $250 - $5000!

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Median Pay

STEM college majors with a degree tend to earn more than non-STEM college majors. Source: Pew Research Center


Median Pay

STEM workers with some college education tend to earn more than similarly educated non-STEM workers Source: Pew Research Center

Moraine Valley Inaugural STEM Expo

Our inaugural STEM Expo was held on May 5, 2017. Since then, annually in the spring, the STEM Expo hosts district seventh graders at Moraine Valley to engage in fun, educational and hands-on STEM activities. The event is free and requires middle schools to complete an application to participate. Participating schools are encouraged to bring diverse students – from students already extremely interested in STEM to students that may have never considered a career in STEM.

Our STEM Expo is unique in that students participate in three or more small group sessions on a specific topic with a designated STEM workforce or faculty presenter. This component of our Expo is in addition to time in our Exploration Zone, set up in the more traditional exhibition hall format, and visiting our Creation Station, where students get to work on a STEM project to take home.

Our Mission

We believe science, technology, engineering and mathematics naturally interact and depend on each other. Accordingly, we believe a STEM education is most authentic when these areas are understood as being connected and explored together. We recognize that a STEM career carries with it great power and responsibility. The STEM Center at Moraine Valley commits to:

  • Recruiting diverse students into STEM programs
  • Maintaining and creating high-quality STEM educational experiences, activities, programs and resources that are engaging, innovative and timely
  • Providing meaningful and equitable access to high-quality STEM experiences and education to all
  • Developing knowledgeable, innovative, ethical and thoughtful leaders in STEM
  • Assisting Moraine Valley students in attaining their educational and career-focused goals
  • STEM education in our communities

Learn more about Moraine Valley's STEM initiative by contacting