STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a national, regional and local initiative emphasizing the need to increase global competitiveness in these areas. As a result, workplace opportunities are growing for students seeking occupations in the STEM fields.

Our Mission

We believe science, technology, engineering and mathematics naturally interact and depend on each other. Accordingly, we believe a STEM education is most authentic when these areas are understood as being connected and explored together. We recognize that a STEM career carries with it great power and responsibility. The STEM Center at Moraine Valley commits to:

  • Recruiting diverse students into STEM programs
  • Maintaining and creating high-quality STEM educational experiences, activities, programs and resources that are engaging, innovative and timely
  • Providing meaningful and equitable access to high-quality STEM experiences and education to all
  • Developing knowledgeable, innovative, ethical and thoughtful leaders in STEM
  • Assisting Moraine Valley students in attaining their educational and career-focused goals
  • STEM education in our communities

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The Moraine Valley STEM Center began as an initiative by a small group of professors and the Assistant Dean for Computer, Business, Science, Technology and Mathematics. The group consists of faculty from the various STEM fields interested in collaborating to provide Moraine Valley students and the surrounding community with more comprehensive STEM experiences and education. In May 2016, the group was awarded an Innovation Grant by the Moraine Valley Executive Leadership Team on behalf of the Moraine Valley Foundation.

The goals of the initial grant were for the proposed STEM Center to:

  • serve as a focal point for the various STEM initiatives
  • develop a STEM Center website to house STEM resources
  • promote STEM programming
  • foster creativity among STEM faculty and Moraine Valley students
  • encourage cross disciplinary collaboration
  • explore ways for Moraine Valley to serve as a STEM resource to local teachers and students
  • host an inaugural STEM Expo.
  • Create educational STEM resources
  • Increase offerings of mobile STEM activities and summer programs for youth in the community
  • Develop and offer professional development for STEM educators

The STEM Center group believes the most authentic STEM education is one in which science, technology, engineering and mathematics are understood as being connected and dependent on each other. Even more, an authentic STEM education requires students be active, engaged and sometimes even messy!

2017 Moraine Valley Inaugural Stem Expo
The inaugural STEM Expo took place on May 5, 2017. Six hundred seventh-grade students and their educators took park in engaging and educational STEM activities across campus. A total of 34 sessions were led by Moraine Valley faculty and representatives from Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab and the Flight School X Chicago. Session topics included: Lego Robotics, Coding, Meteorology, Small Business Math, Meme Creations, Self-Efficacy, Biology, Physics and more.

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