Dawn Fredrikson’s job title might have changed over the course of her long career at Moraine Valley Community College, but her enthusiasm has not.

Fredrikson, senior administrative assistant to the president and Board of Trustees liaison, is just as excited to come to work today as she was on her first day over 40 years ago.

“I am grateful to be a part of something so wonderful,” said Fredrikson, who began working at the college in 1976. “At each milestone—10, 20, 30, 40 years—it’s been an amazing ride filled with wonderful memories.”

Fredrikson was originally hired as a 10-month employee as a clerk/typist before being asked to fill a full-time vacancy shortly thereafter. She worked as a secretary for various deans and directors, and as an administrative assistant for four vice presidents before becoming the senior administrative assistant to the president in 2010.

Fredrikson takes pride in what she does. Like most support staff at the college, she has the “can-do” attitude. In fact, they have a nickname.

“We are known as the ‘make it happen crew’,” said Fredrikson. “So much crosses our desks, and we know how to get it done.”

In recognition of Fredrikson’s service to the college, she was the recipient of the Robert E. Turner Service Award in 2016. The award is named in honor of Moraine Valley’s founding president and is given annually to a full-time support staff member.

“Receiving the Robert E. Turner Award was an incredible honor,” said Fredrikson. “I simply love my job, and I love coming to work.”

In addition to supporting administration at the college, Fredrikson been the board recorder for 30 years. She records the minutes of each board meeting to maintain an accurate record of the meeting’s proceedings.

“It’s rewarding to work with the community members who truly believe in this college,” said Fredrikson.

While she loves working with the board, Fredrikson still breathes a sigh of relief when the minutes are approved at the meetings.

“One would think after 30 years, the minutes would be no big deal; some things never change,” said Fredrikson.

But some things do change. Fredrikson has watched the campus grow and expand.

“Buildings were popping up, and we got sidewalks—yes, sidewalks—but the atmosphere was coming alive with students,” she said. “It was exciting to see more and more students walking around and hanging out on campus.”

With the addition of more buildings and activities for students, Fredrikson still enjoys seeing the students take advantage of all Moraine Valley has to offer.

“What we do today is just a continuation of what we have always done best, which is to serve our students,” she said.