Social media takes the world by storm with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube among the ways people share information. Phones in people’s pockets are more advanced then the top-of-the-line computers of the 1980s. Back-up cameras are mainstream in cars, a device on a wrist can track steps, and thumbprint recognition is actually a “thing.”

And the Chicago Cubs win the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

Just like technology continues to thrive and change, so does Moraine Valley. From expanding the campus to a change in leadership, Moraine Valley goes headfirst into the 2010s, bringing opportunities to its students and the community as it prepares for its 50th year of providing a rock solid foundation for the students and community it serves.

In the early ’10s, Moraine Valley emerges as a leading community college in cyber security and information technology programming. The college first female and fifth president takes office. And, the college opens a brand new Health Fitness and Recreation Center, which is open to the community, and renovates Building G into the college’s Student Success Center.

Through the college’s Agree to Degree initiative, students increasingly choose to complete a degree or certificate before transferring to a four-year school or entering the workforce. The college routinely ranks in the top tier of colleges conferring associate degrees nationwide.

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