The 1970s may have been many things, but boring wasn’t one of them. Historians have portrayed the decade as a “pivot of change” and growth.

Just like the skyline of Chicago grew in 1970 with the groundbreaking of the Sears Tower, Moraine Valley’s landscape began to take shape when the college broke ground on their first permanent building.

Sports created headlines in the 1970s as well. From the perfect season of the 1972 Miami Dolphins to Hank Aaron smashing Babe Ruth’s homerun record in 1974, the college was in good company as it’s own sports teams were coming to fruition.

Technology also took the world by storm with the first pocket calculator in 1974, as well as the Apple IIe computer and the Sony Walkman in 1978 exploding on the scene. Moraine Valley students embraced technology as well with computerized registration in 1970 and rotary phone registration in 1979.

America turned 200 in 1976 while Moraine Valley celebrated its 10th birthday in 1977.

The 1970s was a milestone decade in history.

Moraine Valley had many firsts during the ’70s. The college’s first permanent building–Building A–opened in 1970, and its gymnasium opened a year later. College grounds were beautified with trees and restoration of the Nature Study Area began in 1973.

Student Services were rapidly expanding in the late ’70s as college enrollment topped 10,000 students.

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