To commemorate the college’s golden anniversary, a team of employees developed a celebratory logo and slogan, which will be used throughout the college’s 50th year. Both the logo and slogan are designed to convey the strength of the college, it’s employees, students and community.cs_logo

“Rock Solid Since 1967” has numerous meanings:

  • The college has built a strong foundation for success of past, current and future students.
  • It is located in a moraine, which is a mass of rock.
  • A 50 million-year-old rock–a unique geological feature–resides in the Nature Study Area.
  • It playfully relates to rock ‘n’ roll, which was the predominate music style when the college was founded.
  • And simply put, Moraine Valley rocks.

The logo was designed as an ode to the late 1960’s and features gold, which the color denoting 50th anniversaries.