Admission Application Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application for admission to any Moraine Valley Community College (“College”) course or program, applicants and students agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. I agree to abide by the policies of the College as outlined in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual and the College Catalog.
  2. I agree that any phone number, email address, or mailing address submitted to the College can be used for the purposes of communicating via automated telephone dialing equipment, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, personal calls, emails and postal service about emergencies, general information related to being a student at the College, and/or other general College information as allowed by law.
    1. Students may withdraw permission for communications from the College to their personal contact information. Please contact Admissions at (708) 974-5357, or Building S, Room S101, to find out more about removing yourself from non-emergency College communications.
    2. For emergency alerts only, students may withdraw their cellular and/or wireless device phone number and opt out of to such device(s) by texting “STOP” to 67283. Students will always receive emergency alerts at their College email address.
  3. Because the College is a public place, I understand that I may appear in photographs, video capture, and capture by other media that may be used by the College for promotional purposes.
  4. Any person or entity found to submit false application information may be referred to the Student Code of Conduct, Moraine Valley Police Department, or other entities, as appropriate.
  5. The College provides instruction and services to help our students succeed. It is every student’s responsibility to abide by College policies and finish coursework toward completion of a program of study. Your success is dependent on your hard work, determination, and willingness to seek assistance when needed.

Should an applicant or student not agree to any of the Terms and Conditions, they should meet with a staff member in the Admissions Office, Building S, Room S101, to discuss how to complete the Moraine Valley Community College admission application.


General Terms & Conditions

  1. Usage. The Moraine Valley Community College (“College”) website, and all electronic access-restricted sites, are provided to the community for the express purposes of providing information about, and access to, educational opportunities and functions of the College. The College’s information may not be used for purposes other than those approved by the College. No user of this information may submit or post to the website or other electronic resources any information that is of an inappropriate or harassing nature, or is otherwise a violation of College policy or law.
  2. No agent of the College, nor the institution itself, will be held liable for improper use of any information provided generally to the community. The College takes no responsibility for the usage of any information provided.
  3. Copyright. Any person or entity seeking to use College web or print information must abide by federal Copyright standards. Consumers of web and print information are granted no authority to reproduce, sell, or otherwise claim any ownership of College documents or information.
  4. Errors in Content. Any potential errors or concerns about College content should be reported to Marketing and Communications department at
  5. Accuracy of Information. The College makes every effort to keep print and online resources up-to-date. Should documents have conflicting information, the consumer should check with the respective department’s administrator to confirm accuracy.
  6. Web Privacy. The College collects information, such as IP addresses and webpages viewed, when users access the public website and internal electronic resources. The College works to maintain privacy of the information collected, but may disclose or share the information as allowable under law, approved by College policy, or as authorized by the College for good cause.
  7. External Links. Whenever a user of a College webpage selects an external link, the user is subject to the privacy terms and conditions of the entity that owns the external website. External links used on College webpages are neither owned nor endorsed by the College, but are provided to assist students and users with accessing information.
  8. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Children under the age of 13 are not authorized to provide personal information (such as name, contact information, etc.) to the College through any web application, form, email, or other means. The College only allows authorized parents or guardians to submit information electronically, through paper, or in-person for any child under age 13. Although unauthorized, any child under age 13 who volunteers personal information will have this information treated as if provided by an adult unless the College is otherwise aware of the unauthorized submission.
  9. Participation. By participating in any program or event at the College, or by using any material created or hosted by the College, I agree that such use is governed by the laws of the County of Cook, the State of Illinois, and the United States of America.
  10. Safety & Security. The College ensures safety and security through the Moraine Valley Police Department. The Moraine Valley Police Department holds the same standards and authority as any local law enforcement agency, and will protect campus property and members of the campus to the fullest extent.
  11. Applicants to the College. Applicants for admission to the College must also abide by the Admission Application Terms and Conditions.
  12. Agreement. By further using College resources, or participating in any program, you provide your agreement to the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may change at any time, and will be publicly posted on the public website. Currently, this information resides at the following URL: