Moraine Valley Community College maintains 15 parking lot areas adjacent to its campus buildings and facilities, with a total of over 4,000 parking spaces. During the first few weeks of each semester, these lots reach near-full capacity, so it is always advisable to arrive early when possible.

Several of the parking lot areas have posted “Faculty Reserved Parking” and “Administrative Parking” spaces. Faculty members are required to purchase a special parking permit each semester for the privilege of utilizing these spaces. Please observe all of the designated “No Parking” areas and be considerate of the faculty members of the college when parking.

Individuals who violate the faculty permit-only and administrative parking areas as well as any “No Parking” zone will be subject to a $30 fine and $35 for overdue tickets.

Special handicap parking spaces are reserved at several locations nearest to the campus buildings. Use of these spaces is restricted to individuals who are truly disabled and their vehicles display one of the following:

  • The official disabled state license plates
  • The official state-issued disabled parking window placard

Individuals who violate the disabled parking regulations or who improperly use any official disabled parking license plate, placard or permit will be subject to a state-mandated $250 fine.

The speed limit on Moraine Valley’s 1.4-mile-long perimeter road is 20 MPH at all times.

The speed limit on Moraine Valley’s parking lot areas is 5 MPH at all times.

In the event that you should become involved in a traffic accident on the campus property, you must report this as soon as possible to the Moraine Valley Police Department so that the appropriate Illinois State Traffic Crash Report can be completed by one of our officers per State of Illinois and insurance regulations.

Please drive carefully and defensively.