It is the policy of this department to provide support to the Moraine Valley Communities located at the Palos Hills, Blue Island and Tinley Park Education Centers in relation to Board Policy #6539- Concealed Carry and IL. Public Act 98-0063

As provided by statute, persons who have been issued a Concealed Carry permit by the State of Illinois will be required to follow those provisions provided by Board Policy #6539 restricting person’s access to firearms on all Moraine Valley Community College campuses.

Moraine Valley Community College has been designated as a “Protected Area” by statute and prohibits the carrying of any concealed firearms on any owned or leased facility operated or control by Moraine Valley Community College, by persons designated as “Non-Law Enforcement”. 

Board Policy #6539 also restricts the carrying of Firearms in any Campus owned or leased vehicles by persons designated as Non-Law Enforcement. As provided by statute all weapons must be stored within the owners vehicles or lockers provided within the lobby of the Moraine Valley Police department on the Palos Hills campus. Those possessing weapons at the Tinley Park campus must store them within their locked vehicles or surrender them to the “on duty” Moraine Valley police officer for safe storage. Attendees at the Blue Island Center may store their weapons within their personal vehicle in those public parking areas near the campus, but may never enter the building while armed.

Persons who violate these procedures are subject to arrest and expulsion / termination from the Moraine Valley Community College.