“I love working with kids of all ages,” says Yessenia Nieto, who plans to become a special education teacher. She discovered her interest in this field in high school when she participated in a program that allowed her to work with students with special needs during her school day. But, it was during her Introduction to Education class at Moraine Valley when her decision to pursue a transfer degree in special education was solidified.

“I was able to observe a special ed teacher and interact with the kids,” she says. “I found I liked working one-on-one with students.”

As a writing consultant in the Speaking and Writing Center, Yessenia also uses her abilities to help students at Moraine Valley.

“We can help students whether they’re the strongest writer in their class or if they think they’re not good at writing,” she says. “We can brainstorm with you, help you with MLA or APA style, and inspire you to write. Sometimes we just help people relax and breathe! It’s a good resource for anyone.”

Yessenia, a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, thinks the Moraine Valley faculty members are really helpful to students, as well.

“They’re friendly, and they push you to do your best,” she says. “If you’re ever struggling, they talk to you and encourage you to keep going. This is such a warm and welcoming environment.”

Yessenia also participates in the Dream Mentor Program, Relay for Life and the International/U.S. Conversation Partners Program.