Nora Abdelrahman, of Tinley Park, came to Moraine Valley because, as a future doctor, she knew she had many years of school ahead of her. She knew she’d get a quality education at an affordable price, and, “Everything I’d heard about Moraine Valley was positive,” she says.

Nora believes the small class sizes make for a better learning atmosphere.

“The smaller classes here make it a lot easier to learn. The teachers actually know your name,” she says. “As a pre-med student, I feel I’m academically prepared to go on to a four-year school and also to be able to go on to medical school. The classes at Moraine Valley are interesting and challenge you.”

Nora works as a student ambassador and participates in the Honors Program, which is designed to give students a unique and engaging classroom experience by making clear connections between the classroom and the real world.