Moraine Valley Community College occupational graduates report high satisfaction with their college experience and have a high level of employment. Eighty-six percent of the graduates in 2012-2013 were employed with 41 percent working within the college district.

The annual Moraine Valley survey conducted in 2014 found that 66 percent of the survey respondents were employed full-time and 20 percent were employed part-time. Seventy-three percent are employed in jobs related to their Moraine Valley degree—84 percent for Mechanical Technologies program graduates, 78 percent for Health graduates, and 72 percent for Public Service grads. The median annual salary for full-time, entry-level graduates who worked in a job related to their field of study was $43,004. The highest entry-level median salary was $46,800 for Health graduates followed by $39,104 for Business, $39,008 for Computer and Information, and $39,000 for Mechanical Technologies.

Overall, occupational graduates were satisfied with their Moraine Valley experience, especially courses in their program, equipment—in and out of the program, library services, and projects in the program.

“We are very pleased that we are able to offer such outstanding educational opportunities to our career program graduates,” said Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, college president. “The high percentage of the graduates who are working in their chosen field and in the district speaks well of our instructors and the programs that they have developed that provides such high placement for our graduates.”

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