The 2016 spring credit enrollment at Moraine Valley Community College increased for the first time since 2013, bucking the national trend of declining enrollment among two-year colleges.

Credit enrollment rose to 15,645 from 15,293 students a year ago—a 2.3 percent increase. Non-credit enrollment declined from a year ago to 983 students, bringing the total enrollment to 16,628 students, surpassing the 16,000 mark for the 10th consecutive spring semester.

“We are pleased that our students recognize the quality education they can earn at Moraine Valley, and that we remain a viable option in their higher education planning,” said Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, college president. “We began to see a slowdown in the decline last fall when our enrollment was less than 2 percent from 2014. We thought then that the decline might have finally bottomed out, and now to experience an increase for the first time since spring 2013 is a positive sign.”

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