Moraine Valley Community College is offering classes in three formats in the spring 2021 semester, including more than 500 hybrid courses across all subject areas, starting Jan. 19.

Spring classes are online, virtual or hybrid, the latter meaning instruction is online as well as face-to-face. Moraine Valley is nearly doubling the number of hybrid classes offered this semester. Students will have to wear a mask and use an online health assessment app while on campus. Students also can borrow iPads and laptops for classes and use free Wi-Fi in some college parking lots.

Moraine Valley offers classes for those interested in transferring to four-year colleges or universities by earning associate degrees in Arts, Fine Arts, General Studies, Engineering Science, Applied Science or Science. Students also can choose from several career programs offered, including Allied Health and Nursing, Business and Computer Sciences, Industrial Technology and Public Service. The college offers noncredit programs and courses as well.

With an annual average cost of $4,536, attending classes at Moraine Valley can save students up to nearly $30,000 per year compared to private colleges or universities.

A complete list of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the spring 2021 class schedule online. Tuition is $131 per credit hour plus fees and books. Registration is ongoing. New students can get started remotely with step-by-step instructions online. In-person registration is available by appointment, (708) 974-2110.