Moraine Valley Community College is a sound investment for both students and taxpayers, according to a 2021 economic impact study conducted by the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University. The college contributes to the vitality of its service area educationally, culturally, civically and economically. These activities represent significant economic contributions by increasing workers’ earning potential and generating additional tax revenues.

A Moraine Valley education increases earnings for graduates. This analysis focuses on a student who completes within two years, is in their early 20s and does not work during their time in school. After completion, the calculations project earnings over a 40-year post-graduation time frame.

  • On average, graduates of associate degree programs and long-term certificates who completed their education in 2014 saw a post-completion increase of $9,240 in earnings over their pre-enrollment wages.
  • A Moraine Valley graduate can expect a total lifetime earnings gain of more than $570,000 compared to someone not attending community college. The net present value, a metric that estimates the current total value of an investment based on future payments, of earning a Moraine Valley degree is about $230,833.
  • Students graduating in 2009 earned a median of $52,644 within nine years of completion, representing a 19.2% annual growth rate.
  • According to College Navigator, average student loans ($4,797) for Moraine Valley students tend to be significantly less than national averages ($6,768). Only 10% of Moraine Valley students take out loans.

At Moraine Valley, students are equipped with the tools, resources and connections to make sound career decisions, plan for their future and find employment. Out of all the students who completed a degree or certificate in 2009, 78.4% were employed one year after graduating, and 90.8% were employed in career jobs after 10 years. Students earning an Associate in Applied Science degree had the highest employment rate with around 94% after 10 years.

The college also enhances the skills of the workforce, boosts the competitiveness of area businesses and adds jobs to the local economy. The college purchases goods and services, and invests in building and remodeling. In addition, income earned by employees is spent in the local economy.

  • As a major employer and business entity, Moraine Valley generates millions of dollars in local sales and wages, and paid over $28.3 million in wages and benefits to the 518 employees who live within the region.
  • For example, in 2020, college wages, salaries and operating expenditures produced an estimated total economic impact of $84.1 million for the gross state product and 954 jobs.

“We work hard at serving our students and our 26 communities to help them achieve success,” said Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, college president. “These findings help demonstrate the significant role we play in helping our students and their communities improve their quality of life and what an excellent investment Moraine Valley is to our taxpayers.”


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