Across the country, Moraine Valley Community College’s Health Information Technology students completing their registration exam consistently have a 100 percent passing rate, topping the national average.

The American Health Information Management Association conducts internal reports and recently recognized that Moraine Valley’s Health Information Technology (HIT) Program is at the top of the list for consistent high exam outcomes. The national passing average is 70 percent.

The HIT Program is a two-year associate degree program that integrates medical science, diagnosis and procedure coding systems, computer technology, and health care management. Faculty work hard with students to ensure success, said Donna Schnepp, Moraine Valley coordinator of HIT programs.

“We’ve had great exam success rates consistently, but it’s not that we don’t get weak students because we do. We just work really hard with them. We have a capstone class that covers all the material and includes a mock registry exam. We also help students fix weak areas,” she said. “Obviously you teach them all along, but the capstone really helps them in the spring. We encourage them to complete the exam soon after the program is done.”

Once students pass this exam, they can earn the credential of Registered Health Information Technician.

For more information on the HIT program, contact Schnepp at (708) 974-5315 or