Moraine Valley Culinary Arts assistant professor, Rose Deneen, earned a Certification of Culinary Education from the American Culinary Federation.

Moraine Valley Community College assistant professor of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, Rose Deneen, is in need of a new chef’s coat. One with additional letters to display her new Certification of Culinary Education from the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

For the last nine months, Deneen, of Bartlett, has poured over 12 books, many on psychology, prepared a 45-minute cooking video demonstrating at least 13 of 16 culinary skills, observed other chefs, and took a practice test to achieve her certification. She also had to take a 100-point written exam before it was all said and done.

“It’s been a process. I’ve been thinking about it for years, and I’m glad it’s done. I’ve worked hard my whole life to get to this point,” Deneen said. “You don’t have to have this certification, but it’s nice to have. It’s a source of honor. When we get re-accredited, the evaluators who come in like to see these certifications.”

The ACF has different certifications from certified cook to pastry chef and at least 20 different levels. Deneen’s colleague, Lampros Tzimas, assistant professor, earned his Certification of Executive Chef in 2014. Last year, Moraine Valley’s Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree program became accredited by the ACF Education Foundation’s Accrediting Commission.

“Chef Rose’s achievement is the culmination of years of work to be an expert as a culinary professional and an educational practitioner. It is also another external validation that our culinary program and faculty are of the highest quality,” said Dr. Ryen Nagle, Moraine Valley dean of Science, Business and Computer Technology.