Moraine Valley Community College hosted administrators from Elmhurst College on July 12 for a formal signing ceremony that makes official two new transfer agreements between the higher education institutions. The agreements allow new and current students to earn credit at Moraine Valley and Elmhurst College simultaneously.

“Partnership agreements with quality four-year colleges and universities such as Elmhurst College help ensure our students complete their associate degree and provide them with a seamless pathway to a bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, Moraine Valley president. “We are pleased to be connected with Elmhurst College, giving both incoming high school graduates and continuing Moraine Valley students another choice for a better future.”

The Dual Enrollment Agreement allows new high school graduates to commit to Moraine Valley and Elmhurst College at the same time. Under this agreement, students must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters between both institutions. They must take at least one course (up to two courses) at Elmhurst College each year they are enrolled at Moraine Valley. Those courses will be discounted to the Moraine Valley tuition rate. Students can take advantage of Elmhurst College’s residence life housing, library, student events, and fitness center, and they are eligible for multiple scholarships generally not available to transfer students.

The Guaranteed Admission Agreement allows current Moraine Valley students to seamlessly transfer to Elmhurst College. To do so, they must commit to transferring by the second week of the fall semester of their second/sophomore year. Students who complete their associate degree and transfer with at least 64 credit hours (70 total is accepted) will be granted junior standing. International students who complete COM-101 and COM-102 with a “B” or higher will receive guaranteed admission, and their English proficiency requirement will be satisfied.

Dr. Troy VanAken, president of Elmhurst College, and Dr. Tim Ricordati, dean of admissions at Elmhurst College, both attended the signing ceremony. “Our partnership will make a big difference in the lives of students, which is what education is fundamentally about. We’re helping students change their lives through this opportunity,” said Dr. VanAken.

“At the end of a journey at a community college, students have so much stress about what to do next, especially for first-generation college students, which I know Moraine Valley has many of,” said Dr. Ricordati. “These types of agreements take the stress and worry and uncertainty away from students who choose to attend a community college first.”

Moraine Valley students who take advantage of these articulation agreements will be eligible for more than 50 majors at Elmhurst College, and those with a 3.5 cumulative GPA will have a guaranteed invitation to apply to the Honors Program. Any student who transfers to Elmhurst College before receiving their associate degree will benefit from reverse transfer of credit so students earn every possible credential they are due.

“Moraine Valley and Elmhurst College are continuing to work together on additional transfer opportunities and program specific articulation agreements that would benefit our shared students,” said Dr. Scott Friedman, dean of Student Engagement at Moraine Valley. “This is a great time to forge partnerships and encourage great continued discussion. I look forward to getting to know each other over the next few years.”