Dan Casey, of Palos Heights, was sworn in as the newest member of Moraine Valley Community College’s board of trustees to replace trustee Michael Murphy, who resigned in February. He will fill the vacated position until the 2019 election.

Casey, who is the head of Credit for BP’s oil trading division in the Americas, will bring a strong finance and business background to help the college remain on sound financial footing as well as further the mission of the college and position it for success. As a former international banker, his global experience also will bring a unique perspective to the board.

“On behalf of the other trustees, I would like to welcome Dan to our board,” said Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, college president. “With his work experience and knowledge, I am confident our students, faculty and staff will benefit from the contributions he will make to the college during his term. I know we all look forward to working with him.”

As a new member of the board, Casey hopes to build upon the foundation already established by the current board and administration. In regards to fiscal and economic opportunities, he wants to make sure there’s a viable continuing education option for anyone who wants to pursue it in the college’s district. “I want to lend my leadership experience and help shape the appropriate path for the college to ensure its financial sustainability,” he said.

Casey took the oath at the April 16 board meeting, joining the board during a busy time for the college. He jumped right into collective bargaining agreement negotiations with the college’s unions, attended graduation and has been called into several closed sessions. He says he came onto the board with no expectations so he could gain appreciation for the current position of the college and board dynamics.

“I’m very impressed in this short time with the representation of leadership, board members and faculty members of the college. It has surpassed all of my expectations of how well run the college is. I’m very pleasantly surprised,” he said.

When Casey saw the ad for the open board position in the “Regional” newspaper, he knew right away it was something he wanted to pursue as he and his wife, Cherl, are passionate about continuing education. They have another connection to Moraine Valley through their former neighbor Robert F. DeCaprio, who was close a close friend of theirs and an ardent supporter of the college before his passing.

“This was a way to give back to something that was important to him. It’s kind of like a legacy of Bob,” Casey said.

In his brief tenure at Moraine Valley, Casey already has noticed the passion, commitment and love the faculty and staff have for what they do and for the college.

“I look forward to bringing a little of that along with me into my day job,” he said.

Casey has a Master of Business Administration degree from St. Xavier University in Chicago and a bachelor’s in Finance from Eastern Illinois University. He is the proud father of three sons Connor (17), Chris (15) and Tyler (12).