Dear Moraine Valley Community,

Safety and security is of the utmost concern at Moraine Valley. We have a professional state-level police department that provides protection for its Palos Hills campus and Tinley Park and Blue Island sites. College police officers are regularly trained for response in all types of police matters and have been recognized as a leader in its preparedness efforts. You can read about our campus emergency responses here.

When college police was made aware of a threatening tweet directed toward students last night, officers immediately began investigating. They worked through the night with federal and local municipal police departments to determine the threat was non-credible and isolated. The investigation is continuing.

Please know we’re doing our best to communicate what we can when we can. Criminal investigations take time, and we cannot compromise the police investigation by sharing information prematurely or inaccurately. If police had determined the threat to be credible, we would have cancelled classes and sent out emergency notifications. We would never wittingly put our students, faculty or staff in harm’s way.

We don’t live in a perfect world. We are vulnerable not only in schools, but also in movie theaters, at concerts, in shopping malls and all public spaces. We will continue to do our very best to keep our campus safe and our community united in this desire.

The college’s Student Development team has connected the students mentioned in the tweet with our counseling services. Any students struggling to cope with this or any threatening situation can visit counselors in Building S, Room S202. Employees who need help are encouraged to access our Employee Assistance Program, which is free and confidential.

Additional updates will be sent as necessary. As always, contact college police at (708) 974-5555 to report any suspicious behavior.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through this difficult situation.


Sylvia M. Jenkins, Ph.D.