Explore a selection of film, health, history and culinary noncredit courses virtually this summer at Moraine Valley Community College. Classes start June 7 and later.

Movie lovers can dive into one of three new classes:

  • Beyond the Blues Brothers explores the movie’s backstory, Hollywood genres and the impact of Chicago-based filmmaking.
  • Contagion: Cold Horror Chicago goes on location virtually to discover why Chicago serves as the perfect setting for the 2011 pandemic horror movie “Contagion.”
  • Film Noir: Hollywood’s Darkest Timeline looks into gritty plots, seedy characters and dangerous cities, including Chicago.

Explore healthy habits with classes such as:

  • Jump-Start Healthy Habits, where students can explore the essential pillars of wellness and learn ways to set realistic, achievable and sustainable goals for eating right, fitness and managing stress.
  • Healthy Eating for Life will give guidelines for healthy eating habits, snacks and drinks that fit into any lifestyle. Leave with 10 healthy eating ideas.
  • Getting Along with Stress will help students manage their emotional, physical and social well-being as well as how to best cope with stress.

World and local history are on tap with these two new courses:

  • History and Movies: D-Day and Normandy provides an overview of what actually happened on June 6, 1944, and what Hollywood got right and wrong.
  • Illinois and the Plains: Life in Illinois Before 1900 takes a look at the state’s development, the importance of rural communities and how the Chicago area was transformed.

Learn some skills in the kitchen with these virtual classes:

  • At-Home Coffee Tasting with Strange Brew shows participants the process roasters and baristas go through after buying and roasting new batches of coffee to maintain quality and develop tasting notes.
  • Moraine Valley culinary arts instructors provide expertise in a variety of at-home classes including, Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, Pizza, Pavlova, Bagels, and Homemade Jellies and Summer Preserves.

Registration is ongoing and can be done online, or by calling (708) 974-2110. For more information on noncredit classes, contact Corporate, Community and Continuing Education at (708) 974-5735 or communityeducation@morainevalley.edu.