Although academics is the main focus of Drake Estrada’s Moraine Valley experience, fun matters, too. Drake, of Hickory Hills, is a student leader whose work as a student employee in the Student Life Office is preparing him for the future by improving his communication and professionalism skills.

Drake helps put on a variety of exciting events throughout the academic year where students can do things like ride a mechanical bull, sing karaoke or climb a rock wall. He believes participating in activities like these makes your college experience the best it can be.

“Student Life offers a lot to do outside of class where you can meet people with similar interests. There’s something for everyone,” says Drake, who loves to encourage others to join in. “I think the craziest, most fun thing I’ve done with my involvement here in Student Life was when two of my co-workers and I were riding around campus on giant tricycles with megaphones trying to get people to come to an event.”

Moraine Valley fosters and environment where students can be exposed to different ideas, cultures, and interests; make new friends; gain new perspectives; and so much more. At Moraine Valley, students can participate in events and activities they never expected at a community college–like studying in Europe, learning marine biology by snorkeling in Belize, or working at a national conference in Washington, D.C.

Drake, who also loves to skateboard and cycle, says students who participate in campus clubs and organizations gain skills that enhance what they learn in the classroom.

“You’ll find the confidence inside of you to be who you want to be,” he says.

After completing his associate degree at Moraine Valley, Drake plans to pursue his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition.