D610VOL035Chances are if you’ve been to some Fine and Performing Arts Center performances over the past 20 years, you’ve been helped by Gertrude Coulter.

Fondly called Gertie by her friends at the college, Coulter is one of the original volunteer ushers ensuring patrons find their seats in the theater.

“Gertie came to see a show and answered an ad in the program seeking volunteers to usher,” said Beth Miller, Box Office Manager. “She started in 1994 and has been an asset to the college ever since. She’s the best.”

Coulter also spent 11 years working in the Box Office all the while still volunteering as an usher.

Her favorite shows?

“I would never miss anything done by Nick Thomas. He always just really puts himself out there. He gives it his all. And his shows are always something familiar and fun. I like that,” Coulter said.

Celebrating her 90th birthday with fellow volunteers and staff members, Coulter says this volunteer work has been endearing to her.

“It’s a fun job. And you don’t take it home with you. Teachers take their work home every day. And, I have had volunteer jobs where I had to take work home. This—you do it and you’re done,” she said, adding that she enjoys spending time with people.

Her future plans show no signs of slowing down.

“I just passed my driver’s test,” she said. “No cross country driving for me, though. My car is 18 years old and I’m not sure it would make it.”

She also says she’ll continue to volunteer as an usher at the FPAC.