Jackie Naverrete, of Alsip, was a student-athlete in high school and wanted to continue running cross country in college. Her older brother and sister had both played soccer at Moraine Valley, and they encouraged her to come here.

“They told me many wonderful things,” she says. “They said they have a really good athletic advisor. And, the athletics director and trainer are the best. It sounded like an amazing experience, so I had to find out for myself.”

Jackie enjoys her experience on the cross country team and believes the college pushes her to do her best on and off the track. She believes “they want us to succeed as student-athletes.”

Jackie spends a lot of time in the FitRec, Moraine Valley’s state-of-the-art fitness center that full-time students can join for free. “It’s awesome!” she says.

In addition to having the opportunity to run cross country at the collegiate level, Jackie says starting at Moraine Valley before going to a four-year school makes sense because “it’s so much cheaper, everything’s really nice, the teachers are great—it’s just amazing.”

After completing an associate degree at Moraine Valley, Jackie plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing.