Sept. 25, 2021

Dorothy Menker Theater

He stumped Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us. He lit up Times Square and amazed audiences all over the world. He is hailed as one of the most unique and innovative illusionists in the world. Now Vitaly Beckman brings his latest and most ambitious production to the stage with An Evening of Wonders.

Combining breathtaking visuals with Vitaly’s captivating style, An Evening of Wonders is an interactive theatrical experience that takes the audience on a magical journey. Along the way, Vitaly blends art and illusion to illustrate the story of his transformation from a boy with a dream to a man with a vision — the vision of a world where the rules of reality do not exist. In this world paintings spring to life, photographs become mini-movies, and audience members see their faces vanish from their own driver’s licenses. Even time itself reverses as bare broken branches visibly repair and renew themselves with the green leaves of spring.

Featuring some of the most original illusions ever witnessed — many of which touch on tender topics such as love, loss, and growing old — Vitaly’s An Evening of Wonders does more than entertain. It moves, inspires, and instills within all who experience it a fresh perspective on life and a greater realization that ours is a world of beauty and wonder.

About the Artist
World-class illusionist Vitaly has lit up Times Square and mystified fans from all over the world, including Las Vegas superstars Penn & Teller whom he has successfully fooled in their hit TV show Fool Us, not once but twice, over two appearances on the show, becoming one of the few in the world to do so. From bringing photographs and paintings to life to making audience members disappear from their own driver's licenses, even the most jaded illusionists have declared Vitaly's An Evening of Wonders as containing some of the most incredible and impossible magic ever witnessed.

Most recently, Vitaly’s show was produced off-Broadway by Daryl Roth, who’s producing credits include Tony winners such as Kinky Boots and Indecent. Vitaly was booked for a limited, 16-week run at the prestigious Westside Theatre, the same venue where Penn & Teller have started their careers in the 1980s.

Vitaly's creativity and talents have taken him from his native home of Belarus to perform internationally in theaters, at corporate events and on TV shows, before settling in Vancouver, BC. His fascination with the artistic potential of magic was stirred by a David Copperfield special at age 14. After wowing friends and family with his seemingly impossible illusions, Vitaly’s ability to create new and imaginative illusions led him to realize that he could conjure up a stage-show like no other illusionist performing today. Departing from his family home and leaving behind a career in engineering, Vitaly focused on rebuilding people’s childlike sense of wonder and bridging the gap between dreams and reality. Now famed as “one of the most captivating and enjoyable illusionists performing in the world” (Chicago Tribune), Vitaly has gained a reputation as a mind-blowing performer who “breaks down boundaries to let his audiences imaginations roam into the realm of the impossible. “ (Broadway World)

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