Academic Theater Department

Twelfth NightWritten by William Shakespeare Directed by Dr. Craig Rosen

July 21 to 24, 2022


Join us for the 18th season of Shakespeare under the Stars with one of the Bard’s most uproarious comedies, filled with thorny love triangles mistaken identities and unrequited love. Unrestrained madness and hilarity prevail in one of Shakespeare’s most unforgettable comedies.

A Note from the Academic Theater Coordinator
Twelfth Night

Welcome to our 18th annual "Shakespeare Under the Stars." We are happy to reintroduce Shakespeare ‘proper’ to our summer season after presenting the hip-hop musical The Bomb-itty of Errors in 2021. It was a creative interpretation of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors filled with music and humor. As wonderful that show was, we are thrilled to dive back into the Bard’s work. We’ve selected Twelfth Night for our return to traditional productions. It is a beloved show, focusing on the many aspects and reactions to ‘love.’ We considered how heavy all our lives have been over the past few years and want to bring some joyous fun to our summer production.

We at Moraine Valley take great pride in the summer Shakespeare productions. Many of our past actors returned to revive this tradition. They take great pride in what we’ve built over the years and take great ownership for what we’ve developed. The mix of returning actors and current Moraine Valley students ensure that our tradition will continue well into the future. Most importantly though, we know that "Shakespeare Under the Stars" has become a summer tradition to many of you. Year after year we see a lot of familiar people who bring picnics, blankets, and chairs. This has become a family affair for many of you and we’ve seen children lay on blankets close to the stage; we are always impressed by their focus and understanding. This is also a great way to ensure our future. So, please stroll around the Shakespeare Garden and the relax with an evening of Shakespeare. We hope that you enjoy our play and will continue to make it part of your summer season.


Dr. Craig Rosen
Academic Theater Coordinator and Director of Twelfth Night

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Diana Christine⁠—Feste
Natalie Cross⁠—Olivia
Elaina Dague⁠—Maria
Sean Gallagher⁠—Orsino
Joe Gomez, Sebastian
Zoila Hernandez (Mico)⁠—Valentine/Olivia's Servant
Aidan McGuire⁠—Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Phil Montanez—Priest
Margaret Pesquera⁠—Curio/Second Officer
Gracie Polchan⁠—Fabian
John Reidy⁠—First Officer
Jalin Rivera⁠—Antonio
Dan Scott⁠—Malvolio
Lena Smith⁠—Viola
Brian Walsh⁠—Sir Toby Belch


Dr. Craig Rosen⁠—Director
Sean McIntosh⁠—Scenic Designer
Briana Reed⁠—Costume Designer
Jessica Lynn Miller and Jackie Bobbitt⁠—Properties Designers
Julian Tillery⁠—Sound Designer


Sean McIntosh⁠—Technical Director
Amanda Hantson⁠—Assistant Technical Director
Natalia Bednarczyk⁠—Stage Manager
Tara Burke⁠—Assistant Stage Manager
Samantha Dell⁠—Run Crew
Omar Eloiza⁠—Run Crew
Natalie Krol⁠—Run Crew
Ala Nator—Run Crew

Plot Summary

Duke Orsino of Illyria is in love with Olivia, but his advances are rejected. A shipwrecked Viola arrives on his shores, and with the help of a Captain, disguises herself as a boy, calling herself Cesario, and enters Orsino’s service. Orsino takes to Cesario and sends ‘him’ to woo Olivia for him. Viola, however, is already falling in love with Orsino.

Cesario arrives to woo Olivia, and Olivia falls in love with ‘him’. She rejects Orsino’s approach, but asks Cesario to return. Orsino discusses the nature of love with Cesario, and sends ‘him’ again to Olivia, who confesses her love for Cesario, much to ‘his’ dismay. Meanwhile, Viola’s twin brother Sebastian, also a casualty of the shipwreck, arrives in Illyria with the help of Antonio, a sea-captain and former enemy of Orsino. Sebastian looks around the town, and Antonio gives him his purse to use, deciding to stay at the inn for safety.

Staying with Olivia is her uncle Sir Toby, who is encouraging Sir Andrew, his drinking-companion and source of funds, to woo Olivia. While carousing with Olivia’s fool Feste late one night, they quarrel with Malvolio, and with the help of Olivia’s maid Maria, they decide to trick him. Maria writes a letter to Malvolio, forging Olivia’s handwriting, to make Malvolio think Olivia loves him. The letter asks Malvolio to dress and behave in eccentric ways.

Toby, Andrew, and Fabian observe Malvolio opening the letter and absorbing its contents. He approaches Olivia according to the letter’s instructions, and she thinks him mad. Toby arranges for him to be confined in a dark room. Later, he gets Feste to disguise himself as a priest, Sir Topas, to taunt Malvolio. Malvolio writes a letter of complaint to Olivia.

Meanwhile, Andrew prepares to leave the house, having seen Cesario apparently being more successful with Olivia, but Toby persuades him to stay, and to challenge Cesario to a duel. Sir Toby separately informs Andrew and Cesario that the other is a ferocious fighter, and they approach each other with trepidation. They are about to fight when Antonio arrives, intending to defend Cesario, whom he has mistaken for Sebastian. Antonio is arrested by officers who recognize him as Orsino’s enemy. He asks for his purse from Cesario, who of course professes no knowledge of it.

Feste is sent to bring Cesario to Olivia, but encounters Sebastian instead. They meet Andrew, who strikes Sebastian, thinking him to be Cesario, and Andrew is beaten for his pains. Olivia arrives to stop a fight between Sebastian and Toby. Sebastian is immediately taken with her. Thinking him to be Cesario, she is delighted that he has finally responded to her advances, and they go off to be married.

Orsino is told by Cesario of Antonio’s arrival, but when Antonio is brought before him and asserts that he has been with Cesario for some time, Orsino thinks him mad. Olivia arrives, and again rejects Orsino’s advances. As he and Cesario prepare to leave, Olivia insists on Cesario staying, and calls him her husband. When Cesario denies it, she presents the priest as confirmation. Orsino is enraged, thinking Cesario has betrayed him. Toby and Andrew pass by, having just been severely beaten by Sebastian. Sebastian then arrives, and the twins delightedly recognize each other. Everyone is amazed, Viola’s true identity is revealed, and she and Orsino decide to be married.

Feste delivers Malvolio’s letter to Olivia, and he is brought from his cell. Fabian reveals the nature of the trick played upon him, and Malvolio leaves vowing revenge on them all. They all prepare for celebration, leaving Feste to bid the audience farewell. Excerpted from: Play Shakespeare


Diana Christine 2

Diana Christine (Feste) is very happy to return to Summer Shakespeare here at Moraine. She extends a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Craig Rosen, Daniel Scott, and to each talented cast and crew member. Enjoy the show!

Natalie Cross 1

Natalie Cross (Olivia) is incredibly excited to return to the MVCC stage where she’s previously performed in Trust, American Griot and Heathers the musical. Natalie has also performed with Oak Lawn Park District Community Theatre and Beverly Theatre Guild. You can also catch Natalie backstage working crew in the campus scene shop. She is elated to share the stage with such a talented group of actors and can't wait to welcome you into the world of Twelfth Night!

Elaina Dague 3

Elaina Dague (Maria) works as a librarian, puppeteer, and children's musician by day, so she is grateful to her bosses, coworkers, and director, whose flexibility allowed her to be part of this production. Last seen on stage as Viola in Twelfth Night (Carthage College), her other favorite roles include Dingleberry in Funk It Up About Nothin', Iago in Aladdin, and making children cry as the Wicked Witch (HFHS). She hopes you, unlike the poor kids scarred by that production of the Wizard of Oz, stay to see the end and enjoy the greatness that this cast and crew have thrust upon you.

Joe Gomez 2

Joe Gomez (Sebastian) is thrilled to perform Twelfth Night as his first Shakespeare show with such a skilled and dedicated cast. He is currently studying acting in Chicago at Acting Studio Chicago. Joe recently performed at Moraine Valley in Boy and Eurydice for which he earned a nomination for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. He is also the CEO of Gomez Grass Goons, a lawn maintenance company serving the Palos area since 2019.

Zoila Hernandez 2

Zoila Hernandez (Valentine/Olivia's Servant) is from Chicago, born and raised. She is a novice at acting, but thinks it will be a fun and new experience. She has worked for Moraine Valley Community College for many years. Zoila has two wonderful grown children and loves movies, live musical performances, gardening, and plays.

Aidan McGuire 2

Aidan McGuire (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) is thrilled to be on the MVCC stage for the first time. Aidan is no stranger to the stage and has appeared in many shows throughout the southwest suburbs and northern Indiana. Recent/favorite credits include 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with Curtain Call Community Theater, Peter Pan with The Towle Theater, and The Diary of Anne Frank with Curtain Call Community Theater. He has also appeared in various episodes of NBC's Chicago Fire. Aidan is excited to perform in his second Shakespeare production, after performing in Limestone Stage's 2021 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Aidan is majoring in film and marketing and when he is not on the stage, you can typically find him behind the lens of a camera. Aidan would like to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work and dedication.

Phil Montanez

Phil Montanez (Priest) is excited to return to the stage this summer with an incredible cast and crew. Previous roles include Cinderella’s Stepmother in "Into the Woods", Mardian in "Cleopatra" and Professor Bhaer in "Little Women". Thank you for keeping creativity alive and enjoy the show.

Margaret Pesquera 1

Margaret Pesquera (Curio/Second Officer) became involved in theater (by accident) at MVCC several years ago, and had Doc Rosen as her professor, who now she refers to as a mentor and friend. She used her education to enter the freelancing world around the small theaters in Chicago, and then landed in community theatre in her own neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Margaret is an active member of the Beverly Theatre Guild of Chicago for the last 10 years and has worked as a stage manager, assistant director, costume helper, stagehand, and props designer for other theatre groups around the southside. Margaret would like to thank her friends and family for love and support and her cast and crew for the fun of "Camp Shakespeare."

Gracie Polchan 1

Gracie Polchan (Fabian) is in her third Moraine Valley production! She is super excited to play Fabian in Twelfth Night. Gracie is a full-time student at Moraine Valley and teaches acting classes for children at the local park district. She also works full time as a summer camp director. She would like to thank her mother and grandmother for always pushing her to pursue her goals, no matter how hard they seem.

John Reidy 1

John Reidy (Priest/First Officer), having made his triumphant return to the stage after a 50-year hiatus in Macbeth (2010), continued to satiate the voracious demands of his public with performances in King Lear, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Measure For Measure, The Tempest, Merchant Of Venice, Antony And Cleopatra, Taming Of The Shrew, Arsenic And Old Lace, Cuckoo"s Nest, My Fair Lady, The Music Man, Hello Dolly, The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Oklahoma, A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carole, Bye Bye Birdie, and Matilda. In 2014, he made his operatic debut as the banker in Rossini's The Barber of Seville with Opera Naples in Florida, where he hibernates for the winter.

Jalin Rivera 2

Jalin Rivera (Antonio) is thrilled to be back for "Shakespeare Under the Stars" after his performance in last year's The Bomb-Itty of Errors. In high school, Jalin was heavily involved in the Arts program, taking Theater and Honors Choir while being in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Figments at Dwight D. Eisenhower High School. He is currently majoring in psychology and taking acting courses. In his free time, Jalin watches films and expresses his creativity through fashion, writing songs, and social media. Jalin lives by the motto: "Remember your name is an outline and it’s up to you to fill it in."

Dan Scott 1

Dan Scott (Malvolio) is delighted to be working once again with his dear friend and colleague, Dr. Rosen, as well as so many other beloved and familiar faces. Thanks as always to his mom and to his sunshine. "After all, it is that humanity, that love of life and people, that love of the world around, that is what the endeavor is all about, or, at least, it should be." -Ted Kazanoff (1922-2012)

Lena Smith 1

Lena Smith (Viola) is a Chicago-born costume technician, actress, and maker. She earned a bachelor degree in Theatre Design, Production, and Technology from the University of Illinois in 2019. Her studies focused on costume design and production, with a little wiggle room for a minor in Germanic Studies. She also studied with Freie University in Berlin, Germany. Now, back in the United States, Lena is working to apply her knowledge of art and language to the Chicagoland area.

Brian Walsh 2

Brian Walsh (Sir Toby Belch) is exceptionally pleased and excited to return to the stage at Moraine Valley following a 2 1/2-year hiatus from acting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Brian, a Moraine Valley Alumnus, has been blessed enough to share his love and passion for this artform by previously portraying Polixenes in Winter's Tale, Antony in Antony and Cleopatra, and the titular role in Hamlet on this stage. He would like to thank this wonderfully hard working and talented cast and crew for their time and dedication, and his acting mentors - Dr. Craig Rosen and Dan Scott - for teaching him to pursue the art in himself, not himself in the art. Please enjoy the show.


Natalia Bednarczyk (Stage Manager) has been stage managing at Moraine Valley for a year now, having worked on The Bomb-itty of Errors, How to Survive a Pandemic, and Boy. Some outside productions Natalia has stage managed include The Little Mermaid, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and Leading Ladies. She is also a board member at Lewis University's Heritage Theatre Company. Natalia graduated from Lewis University in 2020 with a B.A. in Elementary Education and is now a fourth-grade teacher in Bridgeview. Her current goals are centered around exploring the ways in which academics and the arts can be used to establish safe, collaborative, and equitable spaces for students within and outside the classroom.

Jackie Bobbitt (Prop Team) started working in the FPAC in 2008 while attending Moraine Valley. In addition to being backstage, Jackie enjoys the creativity and collaboration of working on a design team and is very excited to be working on this production of Twelfth Night. Previous credits include The House of Baba Yaga with The Impostors Theatre Company and numerous Moraine Valley Community College shows including Boy, Trust, Evil Dead: The Musical, Grease, Machinal, Avenue Q, The Winter's Tale. Enjoy the show!

Tara Burke (Assistant Stage Manager) is a Columbia College Chicago student, majoring in Theater with a focus in Stage Management. This is Tara’s first show at Moraine Valley and she is very excited to be working with an amazing group of people. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Amanda Hantson (Assistant Technical Director) received her Associate in Arts from Moraine Valley and her Bachelor of Arts in Theater at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has worked on Moraine Valley’s production team since 2007. She just finished an East Coast tour of GIRLS NIGHT! The Musical and has done three Midwest winter tours with Von Heidecke’s Chicago Festival Ballet of The Nutcracker. Hantson also has been working at other venues such as The Paramount in Aurora, Joe’s Live in Rosemont and the Rialto in Joliet. She has enjoyed taking on the role of Assistant Technical Director and the opportunities that have come with the job.

Sean McIntosh (Technical Director) has been the technical director at Moraine Valley since 2012. He also works as a freelance scenic and lighting designer in the Chicago area has worked with Oak Park Theater Festival and Citadel Theater. McIntosh received his M.F.A. in scenic design from Boston University. He would like to thank the outstanding work and dedication of the technical crew at the FPAC.

Jessica L. Miller (Prop Team) has a special set of skills that allows her to pivot from Prop Designer, Special FX Artist, to Mask Maker. She is part of the two person Prop team with Jackie Bobbitt here at MVCC and has been on the production staff since 2007. Jessica has received her BA in Technical Theater at Columbia College Chicago. Her previous work includes The House of Baba Yaga, Caged the Allegory, and The Wood with the Impostors Theater Co. and Eurydice, Boy, Heathers, Evil Dead the Musical, Hand to God, Reefer Madness, and A Midsummer Night's Dream at MVCC.

Briana Reed (Costume Designer) is a local designer, working various theaters and high schools in the Chicagoland area. She attended Moraine Valley in 2015 and is so excited to be back working on this production!

Dr. Craig Rosen (Director) has been the head of the Moraine Valley Community College Theater Program since August 2002. Dr. Rosen previously taught at the University of Colorado in Boulder from which he earned his Ph.D. in Theater, University of Wiscons in La Crosse, Front Range Community College, and Normandale Community College. He has directed over fifty plays in his twenty years at Moraine Valley, some of which include Machinal, Avenue Q, Cabaret, Hand to God and Boy. His production of the original play American Griot was selected for production at the 2020 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. In 2017, Dr. Rosen was elected Moraine Valley's Professor of the Year. Dr. Rosen initiated "Shakespeare Under the Stars" in 2004 and has directed many of the annual productions.

Julian Tillery (Sound Designer) is a musician and audio engineer. His credits include recording engineer for Okorie “Okcello” Johnson’s ‘Beacon’, The Opposite Twins ‘Twined Flowers’, the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s award-winning documentary ‘The Imperfect Alibi’, and Moraine Valley's production of 'Eurydice'. This is his second production for Moraine Valley Community College. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Morehouse College and a diploma in Audio Technology from SAE Institute of Atlanta.

Special thanks to Olson Rugs & Flooring in Oak Lawn, IL.

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Fine and Performing Arts Staff Listing 

Technical Director⁠—Sean McIntosh

Manager of Theater Operations and Services—Julian Tillery

Assistant Technical Director—Amanda Hantson

Secretary—MaryAnn Luciano-Smith

Art Gallery Coordinator—Cecilia Vargas

Front-of-House Staff—Ramsey Bauer, Karen Datro, Page Domikaitis, Tom Gerez, Robin Kmiec, Jim Novak, David Roczkowski, Lisa Rock, Sujith Saju

Technical Crew—Jaclyn Bobbitt, Nathan Carpenter, Alex Craig, Samm Hilger, Jessica Miller, Tom Schoenbeck, Guadalupe Sosa, Quintin Turnbow

By attending this performance, you acknowledge that you have granted permission to appear in photographs, video capture and capture by other media in all public spaces in the Fine and Performing Arts Center. Your image may be used by Moraine Valley Community College for promotional purposes. This blanket permission releases and  waives any claim against the college and its employees arising from the use of such images in any medium.